I've spent the past 10+ years working in advertising, marketing and corporate communications for international brands based in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. 

Having marketed everything from Jell-o to non-profits to restaurants, my passion turned to real estate for one simple reason: every single deal is unique, so creating compelling stories never gets old. 

Lauren Painter Inc. was born when my broker friends started taking notice of the ways I built my real estate business around online marketing. “But no postcards?” they ask. After a nudge from my managing broker to consider consulting, I met with a broker friend to gain an understanding of what he would buy IF I were to consider consulting. He came to that meeting with a wish list for me to get started on, and the rest is history. 

When the familiar tap on my shoulder started coming from builders, interior designers, and other small business owners, I decided to take the plunge and expand my portfolio. Working with other small business owners is an inspiration--you are the hardest working people I know! It is my greatest pleasure to give small business owners the ability to focus on their trade again, rather than their marketing. 

Intrigued? Questions? Coffee?

Shoot me a note: lauren@laurenpainterinc.com OR